Sveum wants to manage again

MESA, Ariz. -- Former Chicago Cubs manager Dale Sveum wants to manage again after reiterating his “shock” at being fired last October.

“I walked away with my head up with the understanding I knew what I wanted to do and did it (that) way, to get guys to play hard and prepare every day,” he said before coaching third base against the Cubs for the Kansas City Royals on Sunday. “People ask me, ‘would you do things differently?’ I say ‘no,’ if I could come up with something -- I don’t have that big of an ego -- but there’s nothing I would do differently.”

Sveum said it felt a little weird being in new Cubs Park -- he had input in the design of the practice facilities next door -- and he’s sorry he won’t be able to see the Cubs' rebuilding plan all the way to its conclusion.

“That was your vision at one time,” Sveum stated. “To see all those guys develop and be here through all that.”

Sveum says he got over the firing pretty quickly as the Royals called while “I was headed back to my apartment” after leaving Wrigley Field the day after the season. He went 127-197 as Cubs manager.

“It was still very enjoyable,” he says. “We’re five months removed from everything.”

Sveum makes no bones about wanting to manage again and isn’t bitter about his Cubs experience though he realizes the deck was stacked against him as the team simply didn’t have enough talent in his two years in charge. But he knew what he was getting into.

“You better not lose sight that we have all these jobs to someday be fired,” Sveum said. “That’s just the way the business is.”

As for his relationship with the Cubs, it sounds like things are amicable. In fact, he’s texted and talked with President Theo Epstein, the man who told him his fate the night the season ended.

“We’ll go to dinner before it’s all over,” Sveum said.