Gorzelanny grateful injury not worse

Cubs lefty Tom Gorzelanny was still feeling lucky Friday after nearly getting hit in the face on Wednesday by Jose Tabata’s line drive that glanced off of his pitching hand at the last moment.

“It was pretty scary,” Gorzelanny said. “Going back and looking at it, it would have hit me in the face if I didn’t get my hand in the way.”

Gorzelanny had a CT scan on the tip of his left pinkie finger that detected a microchip fracture. He will miss at least one start.

“I was really fortunate, it could have been a lot worse outcome out there,” Gorzelanny said. “It’s really not that big [a fracture]. It might take a few days to let the swelling go down. Then we’ll see where we are at. I hope to start throwing maybe again sometime late next week.”

The Cubs and Gorzelanny expect the pitcher to miss only one start, however the team has changed their pitching rotation for the next three days.

Carlos Zambrano will move up and pitch Saturday, Ryan Dempster will pitch on Sunday and a possible tandem of Carlos Silva and Casey Coleman may go on Monday. Silva, who threw only 70 pitches in his second rehab outing on Wednesday night, may need Coleman as his backup -- starter 1A -- on Labor Day.