Concessions highlight of Chicago baseball?

I spent Opening Day at Halas Hall, where the team's PR staff was kind enough to turn on the Pirates game, I mean Cubs game, for me before the Jared Allen press conference.

The night before I was tweeting out the names of some mixed drinks available at Wrigley Field this season for the park's 100th anniversary celebration. "Were those real drinks or were you making them up?" a Bears PR staffer asked.

As if I could come up with something as hilarious as, "1980's Electric Ryno Margarita: a blue margarita ... served with a light-up straw" or "2000's Playoff Punch: A Cosmopolitan-inspired punch."

Hold the playoff punch this year. The Cubs opened up the season with a thrilling 1-0 loss to the Pirates which saw them strike out 11 times and go 0-for-11 with runners in scoring position.

As for the White Sox, I was told there were long security lines to get into the Cell during their win over the Twins. If marketing kingpin Brooks Boyer was worth his reputation, he would've had his minions selling that new bacon-on-a-stick on the outside and new beer option Revolution Anti-Hero once the fans entered the park.

Do I have to do everyone's job for them?

Here are my predictions for the season: White Sox 78 wins, Cubs 70. Anyone want to take the O/U 148 wins?