Veras still the closer ... for now

CHICAGO -- Chicago Cubs pitcher Jose Veras has already lasted longer in his role this season than former Cub Carlos Marmol did a year ago, but the leash could be tightening on the current closer.

Veras struggled in spring training and then in the first week of the regular season, giving up six walks and three runs in only 1 2/3 innings pitched.

Before the Cubs took on the Pittsburgh Pirates on Tuesday night, manager Rick Renteria was asked if Veras' job was in jeopardy.

"I'll deal with that and cross that bridge when I get to it, but right now I think it's really premature for me to make a decision or say that I will change something or not change something," Renteria said. "I have to see what's going to happen first."

The Cubs waited to see what was going to happen with Marmol in 2013 and it wasn't pretty. In his first three appearances, Marmol gave up five runs before being moved to middle relief. But that was with a different manager. It's unclear how long Renteria will put up with results like Sunday's when Veras walked four in the ninth inning of an eventual 8-3 victory.

"He wasn't able to command the zone as well as he wanted to," Renteria said. "He'll get an opportunity hopefully soon to get out there and close it out for us."