Hoyer: Pitch count a 'non-story'

CHICAGO -- Calling it a "non-story," Chicago Cubs general manager Jed Hoyer said all parties are on the same page when it comes to pitcher Jeff Samardzija's heavy workload Monday night against the Chicago White Sox.

Samardzija threw a career-high 126 pitches prompting questions about whether that kind of outing could happen often.

"It's Thursday and we're talking about something that happened on Monday night," Hoyer said. "If you look at the comments that [manager] Rick [Renteria] made, Jeff made and I made, they're almost identical. To me that's a non-story."

He's not wrong. Hoyer said Tuesday he would discuss the large pitch count with Renteria, but he meant only in the normal course of their daily conversations. Common sense would dictate Samardzija -- or any pitcher -- wouldn't be throwing that many pitches every time he takes the mound.

"I talk to Rick every day about pitcher usage," Hoyer said. "Bullpen usage, starter usage. Our conversation the day after that outing wasn't that much different."

On Wednesday, Samardzija was basically presented with a "what-if" scenario as in "what if management had an issue with it?"

"This is an on-field issue, for uniform personnel," Samardzija said. "That's all there is to it. ... I'm a grown man of 29. I'm not a prospect of 22. I feel good. I think I'm grown up enough and responsible enough to understand when I can go and when I can't go."

But the bottom line is Cubs management does not have a problem with his outing Monday so the whole issue is moot. Expect a reduced workload for Samardzija on Saturday against the Atlanta Braves, which would be the norm for any pitcher, nowadays, who threw 120-plus pitches.