No trouble for Cubs' grounds crew this time

CHICAGO – Determined not to be embarrassed again, the Chicago Cubs' grounds crew solved its tarp issues Saturday during a rain delay in a game against the Baltimore Orioles.

Saturday was the first in-game delay for the Cubs since Tuesday when the undermanned grounds crew couldn’t get the tarp unfolded properly in a game against the San Francisco Giants, creating a muddy infield. After a four-hour, 34-minute delay while the grounds crew tried to make the field playable again, the game was eventually called.

Major League Baseball, however, determined that the game must be resumed at the point it was stopped, and the Cubs eventually won that game 2-1 on Thursday. As fate would have it, the resumed game was also delayed another two hours before it was played.

With a massive storm approaching Saturday, the Cubs had plenty of grounds crew members prepared for their most recent delay. The rain started to fall at the end of the second inning and the tarp was unrolled and unfolded on the field in about a minute to a mock cheer from the capacity crowd.