5 questions with ... Addison Russell

Addison Russell said the Cubs have made him feel welcome after his recent promotion. AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar

CINCINNATI -- Three days into his big league career, former 11th-overall pick of the 2012 draft, Addison Russell, reflected on his debut.

Have you had a welcome to the big leagues moment yet?

Addison Russell: Actually, it was last (Thursday) night. I went to dinner with some of the guys. Anthony Rizzo, David Ross, Dexter Fowler, Edwin Jackson and Phil Coke. They’re all older except for Rizzo, so I talked with him mostly. It just felt good to be included. I felt like a big leaguer. They joked around about leaving me with the bill but Ross paid for it.

Ross: I figure he’ll take care of me someday when I’m out of the game.

What was an eye opener for you on the field?

AR: Just the big league atmosphere. It’s all about winning. The minors are mostly about getting up here. Our goal here is to come out with a win no matter how we get it. You’re trying to reach this milestone. Once you do, it’s all about winning.

What will you do with the ball that was retrieved for you after your first big league hit?

AR: I’ll probably put it in a nice little case and put it with my other trophies. I have a few (smiling).

Who did you hear from after your first few games?

AR: It’s been crazy. I have a lot of supporters, a lot of friends. High school coaches, coaches from travel teams. A few that I haven’t heard from in years, but it’s pretty cool so many people are watching and reached out to me.

In your first week you will have played in Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and soon Chicago. What’s another ballpark you’re looking to playing in?

AR: I think San Diego. It’s pretty big. Hopefully I can run all day there. I’m looking forward to playing there.