Hands-on approach suits Quade

Mike Quade is an energetic teacher on the baseball field. Kyle Terada/US Presswire

MESA, Ariz. -- Everyone seems to want to know how Camp Quade differs from Camp Piniella.

"I think we're running the same fundamentals," Cubs manager Mike Quade said Sunday. "Lou may have a play or two like most managers. They all have a pet play. On a wheel play he might have emphasis here where I may have emphasis elsewhere. So there may be some subtle differences, but if you look at the schedule it's pretty much the same."

Quade emphasized the main difference between managers is how they spend their time between practice.

"It's just about how a veteran manager goes about his day versus a young guy who wants to be a veteran manager goes about his," Quade said. "Our personalities were different but there is no question our goals were the same. I just go about it the way I do."

For Quade, that means a lot more interaction in running and fielding drills than his predecessor. Quade trusts his coaches, but being a teacher and instructor by nature, Quade does a lot more troubleshooting rather than watching practice.

Quade will also begin working a bench coach for the first time in his managing career (minor league managers do not have bench coaches). Quade and his new bench coach, Pat Listach, worked in the minors together at Triple-A Iowa when Quade was a manager and Listach was batting instructor.

"Hopefully our familiarity with each other from Iowa will go a long way in helping [them get in sync]," Quade said. "He's done a great job running camp, and we've always gotten along well and probably more important than anything is he will tell me what he thinks."

Quade has admitted that his nervous energy drives him to talk quite a bit during games, and he's always seeking information from his coaches.

"I like a running conversation. I've watched and worked for a lot of different guys who do it differently, but I do bounce around and I want to keep [coaches] involved," Quade said. "It does help me relax when the game starts. Being even keel and paying attention is huge for me to relax."

  • Quade said he will not post lineups three days in advance during the regular season like he hopes to do during spring training.