Guillen has big fan in Quade

MESA, Ariz. -- When it comes to letting his team go head to head with the Ozzie Guillen-led Chicago White Sox, Chicago Cubs manager Mike Quade is all in.

But the Chicago native will let his South Side counterpart do most of the talking.

"He's an energetic guy," Quade said of Guillen. "I've watched him for years. I've watched him when he was coaching before he was managing. I would imagine it's never dull over there so that's his style and that's what he does. He's had some success with it. More power to him."

Quade, whose Cubs play the White Sox on Friday in Glendale, Ariz., won't get caught up in the pregame jabber that Guillen is so famous for.

"I think it can get dangerous. If that's not you and that's not who you are and you get wrapped up in it, I think you are asking for trouble," Quade said.

Quade was asked if he knows Guillen personally off the field.

"I've gotten to know him a little bit over the years," Quade said. "Probably some of that is his third base coach [Jeff Cox] and I are such good friends. It's a mutual respect thing. The respect part has always been the case. In some of these type matchups you're having fun with the deal. It's not a June game against the White Sox where I'm not having any fun until you win so it's a little different atmosphere when you get in that environment with him then he's completely off the wall and it's kind of comical."

Sean Marshall, who has matched up against the White Sox during the last four years, enjoys the competition as well as watching Guillen in motion.

"Ozzie is a great coach and manager," Marshall said. "On the field we take the competition very seriously, and we know what our fans expect. Off the field we all get along. We have the same thing in common playing baseball in a great city, in the heart of Chicago."