Cubs honor memory of Santo

The Chicago Cubs honored the memory of Ran Santo on Friday as his son Ron Jr. will sing "Take Me Out To The Ballgame" during the seventh-inning stretch and flags honoring Santo's memory flew above Wrigley Field.

There was a pregame ceremony on the field with former teammates.

  • Mike Quade's pregame message to his team was: "Take every day as it comes, play like a son of a gun. Play with energy, but play relaxed and loose. It's a fine line between loose and having a good time and understanding the serious nature of winning a ballgame. I think they understand that and they understand me. We'll try to keep them on the right path."

    Quade was asked how he handles the media and how much of the day it takes away from him.

    "It's just about time," he said. "I like it and I'm good with it. Whether I'm talking baseball, politics, whatever, I like the back and forth with you guys. You guys have questions, let's go. I'm ok with that. But I'm sure at some times I won't be."

    Former manager Lou Piniella gave Quade advice before turning the team over on Aug. 22.

    "Lou told me before he left that [media] will be my biggest challenge. Probably right. Fortunately I'm comfortable with that challenge," Quade said.

    Quade spoke to the team collectively on Thursday during the team workout.

    "Today's their day," Quade said Friday. "We needed to get that out of the way. Too much of me is really not a good thing."

    Quade received numerous texts from friends and family. He made 10 calls himself, beginning with his mother and father, who live in Indianapolis and are in town for the game.