Millar wants to end another curse

MESA, Ariz. -- The Chicago Cubs have tried pretty much everything else over the last century, so why not bring in a certified curse-buster?

Why not Kevin Millar, one of Boston's most celebrated title-winning "idiots" of 2004? Why not one of several Red Sox players who took part in pre-game whiskey-sipping rituals to facilitate the end of the dreaded Curse of the Bambino? Why not the dude who made "Cowboy Up!" a Beantown rallying cry?

"I agree," Cubs manager Lou Piniella said Tuesday. "The situation you've alluded to, I think we're all aware of it ... so your question is answered with a yes."

Piniella can't even bring himself to utter the word "curse." Nevertheless, he acknowledges that the most championship-starved franchise in sports -- 101 years and counting -- could do worse than enlist the fun-loving Millar as a good-luck charm.

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