Garza waits out delay to get win

It took five home starts for Matt Garza to get his first Wrigley Field win.

The 27-year-old had to wait out a 53-minute rain delay before coming back for the third inning in Wednesday’s victory.

“I just relaxed,” Garza said. “I got on a bike a little bit and waited until the rain stopped. I just play some catch. I’m the type of guy that can’t get too fiery. I have to stay more to the mellow point.”

The Cubs supported Garza with a 17-hit attack that included a double and triple from light-hitting catcher from Koyie Hill.

“I’ve been really working on the triple,” Hill joked. “I thought ‘what can I do the offseason to improve my game.’ I thought ‘hit more triples.”’

On a serious note, Hill was impressed with the way Garza came back after the rain delay.

“It was nice that both pitchers, not just Garza, came back,” Hill said. “I don’t know what he did during that [the delay] but it worked.”

Garza went five innings, giving up just one run. The Cubs scored 11 runs total. Starlin Castro went 4-for-4 with three RBIs. He’s now 6-for10 in the past two games after being dropped in the lineup by manager Mike Quade.

“All I know is there was an 11-spot up there at the end of the day,” Quade said. “That means we must have done some good things.”

The Cubs will try to win the series against the Cards on Thursday afternoon. They have 30

hits in the first two games of the series.