Quade remains confident in DeJesus

Possibly the toughest job in baseball is coaching third base. The only time anyone pays attention is when a runner gets thrown out at home plate. In the case of Cubs' third base coach Ivan DeJesus, that happened twice on Wednesday night.

"I think he's been fine," said Cubs manager Mike Quade, who preceded DeJesus as the Cubs' third base coach. "We talked about yesterday's two decisions. The only thing as far as the first decision was there was nobody out."

Aramis Ramirez was thrown out at the plate on a single to shallow left field that ended up cutting a scoring rally short.

"In any other situation it was a great decision," Quade said. "In that decision ... everything may be in play correctly, but the situation may dictate something else."

DeJesus is learning the third base coaching job on the fly in the major leagues. He did have some third base coaching experience in the minor leagues, when he was a minor league manager.

"Erring on the side of caution is the deal," Quade said. "He is an aggressive guy, and wants to be aggressive.

"When you're near the bottom of the order, there are a lot of reasons going through his head. As long as he gives himself enough time to make a decision, he'll be fine. I did it for 20 years in the minors and really had a heck of a time doing it here (major leagues) my first year. I'm asking a guy to do something that really has never done it. I'm asking him to be very good in a mere 2-3 months that he's doing it. He's going to learn and he's going to be fine."