Davis' offspeed repertoire baffles Yanks

CHICAGO -- There aren't too many days anymore when Freddy Garcia is the hardest-throwing starter in the ballgame.

And there probably are even fewer days when Garcia, who has spent most of his career in the American League and has had all of 80 at-bats spread over 12 seasons, says, "I couldn't wait to hit."

The only thing that happens less often than either of those two events, it seems, is a New York Yankees visit to Wrigley Field, which energized the old ballpark in a way it probably hasn't been all season with the Chicago Cubs struggling 12 games below .500.

Well, all three of them took place Friday afternoon. The Yankees came to the park where Babe Ruth either did or didn't call his shot for the first time since 2003. Garcia's 89 mph heater positively blew away his Cubs counterpart, Doug Davis, who lives about 5 mph slower.

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