Cubs sinking under wishy-washy owner

CHICAGO -- The Chicago Cubs have lost their way. And worse yet, team chairman Tom Ricketts is having trouble reading the directions on his baseball Garmin.

His franchise is headed south. It has been pointed that way for a while, but the hope was that the new Ricketts' ownership regime would change that. So far, nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Forget about reversing the curse. How about reversing the growing concerns about Ricketts' ability to make a difference, about having the stones to make a hard decision?

Somehow, Ricketts has forgotten the essential truth about running a sports franchise, especially a franchise such as the Cubs with its special history and special, perpetually heartbroken following. And that truth is this: winning makes all things possible.

I'm not saying Ricketts isn't interested in winning. Or that he doesn't care. I'm saying that he hasn't done anything of substance to convince people that he's trying to win.

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