Bush:'No hesitation' in taking iterim post

CHICAGO -- Despite Cubs chairman Tom Ricketts making it known the club will pursue outside candidates for the vacant general manager position, assistant GM Randy Bush said he never thought twice when he was asked to fill in on an interim basis for the fired Jim Hendry.

“Jim talks a lot about loyalty,” Bush said. “He gives loyalty to his people beneath him and he gets it back in return. I feel a tremendous obligation to all the people in the organization to make good decisions in the interim and to do our very best to transition to new leadership in an efficient manner. So I had no hesitation in accepting.”

Bush learned of Hendry’s firing on Wednesday, when he met with Ricketts and asked about the probability of having internal candidates for the GM position. Bush said Ricketts “felt we needed a fresh start, and will look outside of the organization. And I really appreciated his honesty. He was very straightforward. I have a great relationship with him and I told him he would get my very best effort, and he will. It was a very good, straightforward chat.”

When asked if he would stay on in some capacity following this season, Bush said, “I would love to stay on in some capacity. I’m very realistic. I understand that the new GM would come in and evaluate who fits where and how it all fits going forward, but this has been a great opportunity for me. I’ve learned a lot.”

Bush said he’ll go about his day to day tasks as he normally would for the remaining 38 games of the season and that he would work directly with Ricketts on any possible transactions.

With an uncertain future for the rest of the Cubs front office, Bush said he’s up for the challenge of leading them through the end of the season.

“Tom, as he expressed during his press conference, thinks an awful lot of our scouting and player development, leadership and the people underneath them. I’m going to express that also. I’ve got a staff meeting here shortly with my staff here in Chicago and we’re going to be reaching out to all of the people in the organization and try to just assure them that the loyalty that they felt from Jim Hendry is still there and that we’re going to do everything we can to continue the process moving forward with the organization.”