Quade doesn't see any quit on North side

While Chicago White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen said on Wednesday that some of his players have quit on him and his coaches, Chicago Cubs manager Mike Quade doesn’t believe he’s seeing any telltale signs of that with his team.

“I don’t know what’s going on on the South Side, Quade said. “I only know what’s going on with this group here. They haven’t [quit] and they didn’t last year either.”

The term “quitting” is thrown around a good deal in sports, however defining how a team has quit seems to be a difficult process.

“Everybody looks at things a little differently,”Quade said. “I suppose if you see a change in a way people are going about their business or approaching things in May or June compared to now, you might know.”

Quade’s team is 7-6 in September, coming off its first winning month of the season in August. Watching Cubs hitters swing at the first pitch or not get deep into counts really doesn’t tell you that much about their effort since they have been one of the least patient teams at the plate all season.

So how would Quade go about judging whether his players approach the game correctly or not?

“It’s effort,” Quade said. “I watch every day when we hit and take ground balls and the way we go about our business. If I saw any lackadaisical approach, that would concern me,”

Quade heard Guillen’s comments that the Sox quit fighting three days ago, but refused to judge if a team’s giving up could be seen as an indictment on the manager or the coaches.

“I’m not going anywhere near that,” Quade said. “Ozzie has a better feel for his club than anyone else. Whatever he thinks or says is what it is. It’s not my place to judge him. Ozzie’s always worn it on his sleeve. That’s what he does. He’s been more vocal about things than I am. If he’s upset about things, you don’t have to sneak around to know it. However, his passion has made him good at what he does.”