Quade ejected for seventh time this year

Chicago Cubs manager Mike Quade was ejected in the eighth inning of Sunday’s 3-2 loss to the Houston Astros after disputing the umpire’s placement of runners after a home run call was reversed to a double.

Third base umpire Marty Foster sent Starlin Castro back to third base and Carlos Pena to second after Pena’s hit was judged to have struck the yellow line on top of the left field fence.

On the play, both Castro and Pena pulled up after Foster indicated the hit was a home run. Without that call, both players could have kept running. Quade felt Castro had a chance at scoring had he been running freely and should have been awarded home plate.

“OK, Marty has a decision when it’s a home run or not,” Quade said. “But he also has a decision where the runner is. I don’t understand how he can do both. I don’t know how you can do that.”

For a franchise that has had such fiery managers as Leo Durocher, Don Zimmer and Lou Piniella, it’s shocking that Quade’s ejection tied a franchise single-season record of seven, owned by Johnny Evers in 1913 and Frankie Frisch in 1950.

“In retrospect, maybe they got this right today,” Quade said. “I’m not positive that Castro could have scored. But a couple of [my ejections] were really unwarranted -- the ones in Pittsburgh and Milwaukee. The other ones I earned.”

On Aug. 28 in Milwaukee, Quade was ejected for arguing balls and strikes after Aramis Ramirez was rung up by umpire Bill Miller on a questionable called third strike. He was ejected under similar circumstances by umpire Bob Davidson while defending Tyler Colvin in Pittsburgh on Aug. 3.

Pena, for one, feels the umpire got it right on Sunday.

“It was a rollercoaster of emotions,” Pena said. “But that was a low line drive. It was a clean pickup and throw back. I think even [Tony] Campana would have had a tough time scoring. I don’t think [Castro] could have scored.”

After the game, Quade made it official that Sunday’s starter Ryan Dempster will make two more starts this season -- Sunday in St. Louis and the last game of the season in San Diego on Sept. 28. Quade wants to give Dempster a chance to throw 200-plus innings for the fourth straight season. Dempster currently stands at 190 2/3 innings.