Sources: Ricketts has list of candidates

Though it appears that compensation talks between the Chicago Cubs and Boston Red Sox for Theo Epstein are moving along at a snail's pace, there are other areas to be tied up before the Red Sox will allow Epstein to leave.

Two major league sources told ESPNChicago.com that owner Tom Rickets has turned over a list of Cubs players to interim general manager Randy Bush, director of player personnel Oneri Fleita and scouting director Tim Wilken to evaluate for compensation for Epstein.

They were to report back to Ricketts which player or players they would be comfortable with trading.

Epstein and the Cubs agreed in principle to a five-year deal for between $15-$20 million.

According to another major league source, part of the compensation conversation also centered around which Red Sox baseball employees Epstein would be allowed to bring with him to Chicago.

Numerous reports have had the Red Sox asking for players and/or cash in order to let Epstein leave.

The impression among most baseball people is that deal will still get done, however, Boston is entitled to be satisfied with compensation.

There's no such thing as a timetable for these transactions.

The Red Sox appear to be moving on with their front office plans, as reports out of Boston say they are getting ready to name Ben Cherington its GM.

Unless something unforeseen happens, the Cubs should still get their man. But it appears there may be some frustration with the process at Clark and Addison.

The Cubs initially asked MLB for guidance on protocol for compensation since neither owner Tom Ricketts nor president Crane Kenney had ever been involved in a situation like this.