Sandberg's uncomfortable saga

As I read that Ryne Sandberg, Cubs legend, Hall of Famer and Chicago icon, could be in the running for the managerial position of the Cubs' arch-rival, the Cardinals, my brain froze for a second. The fan in me was baffled, hard-pressed to imagine a Cubs legend being in such a position. This is Ryno, and where else would he have ever work in uniform than as a Cub?

I pause at this possibility because I always thought of myself as a loyal person. My brother connected me with sports as soon as I could walk, and it turns out the teams I supported back then are the teams I follow to this day.

Since I was very young to be an avid sports fan, my one main reason for picking my team was clear as day. Cool uniforms. And so one day, I saw the Phillies in those powder-blue uniforms and I believed I would be a Phillies fan for life.

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