Cubs have 'unflappable' new leader

CHICAGO -- No need to worry about the new Chicago Cubs manager being tough enough.

And that's not even a reference to the bone sticking out of his leg after his left fielder collided with him as they were going for a fly ball that day in 1988, forever altering his career.

Nor is it the Harley he rides or the tattoos he sports. He drives the pickup more often than not, and the tattoos are mostly a tribute to his father George, who passed away in 1992, and his wife Darlene.

"That was a mid-life crisis," said his buddy and former Pirates teammate John Wehner, who gave him hell about the tattoos when they started popping up. "It just hit early."

He found it funny, because Dale Sveum was the guy who was so old-school he wouldn't even sport a batting glove when he played; called the guys with the necklaces and fancy cleats and tats part of the "Digme tribe."

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