Sveum considering batting Castro third

Look for Starlin Castro to bat where all top hitters bat in the order, in the three hole. Rob Grabowski/US Presswire

A baseball adage dictates that a manager insert his best hitter in the third hole of the batting order, which is why Dale Sveum is contemplating batting Starlin Castro in that spot.

"He is a great hitter," Sveum said. "

To do what he has done in almost two years playing every day, (those are) pretty impressive numbers. ... When and what time (to put him in an RBI spot) is always the million dollar question for young hitters."

Castro has hit above .300 since getting called up by the Cubs on May 7, 2010. Now that Aramis Ramirez has moved on, the best hitter on the team is obvious.

"There is no question about it, your best hitter will be up in the first inning for sure, and to have that guy up to take a lead is very important," Sveum said.

While Sveum contemplates his batting order it becomes quite apparent that run producers may be few and far between on the 2012 Cubs to start the season.

"We don't have a lot of cut and dried spots where you can say this guy is this and this guy is that, it's not that easy with this lineup right now," he said.

This could be a situation where the team's third and forth hitters are at Triple A to begin the season. Sometime in mid-July, Brett Jackson may be batting second, Castro third and Anthony Rizzo fourth.

Get ready for a rollercoaster ride and a daily change or two in the batting order in 2012.