Hope springs eternal in Chicago

Theo Epstein helped the Red Sox win two titles. Can he do the same for the Cubs? Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

About this time every year, a few thousand Cubs reporters, bloggers and fans pen stories about their favorite baseball team. All of these stories are called "Hope springs eternal."

No really, you can look through the archives. Every single spring training story about the Cubs from the last hundred years or so is called, "Hope springs eternal." (I believe I'm responsible for at least two of them.)

It's not just a clever play on words, it's entirely apropos for a fan base that begins each year with a statistically improbable, factually unfounded and emotionally inadvisable belief that, "This is the year!"

The Cubs are like that great old pair of jeans from college you refuse to throw out. The button and the hole keep getting further apart but you bring them out of the closet each fall, just in case this is the year you can finally get 'em over your big ol' butt. It's a torturous process, but you never learn your lesson.

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