Roster meeting focus is on four spots

MESA, Ariz. -- When the Chicago Cubs coaches and front office staff head behind closed doors later Wednesday evening, there figures to be about four roster spots they are looking to solidify.

A backup catcher, a bench player and two bullpen spots figure to still be decided by the staff, and it won’t necessarily be a quick decision.

Manager Dale Sveum said the final decisions will be revealed on Thursday.

“We have 21 guys that are pretty much decided, and we’ll spend hopefully not more than four hours on the other four guys,” manager Dale Sveum said. “Sometimes in these meetings you go back and forth with all kinds of scenarios and sometimes somebody brings up one scenario and you’re like, ‘Whoa, I didn’t think of that one.’ And you have to cover your butt on that and you might spend 45 minutes on that scenario. They’re enlightening meetings, but sometimes they can take a long time, too.”

The bullpen figures to take the most time in the meeting. Those final two spots could go to a number of pitchers, all right-handers. Assuming Rafael Dolis is already on the roster, the guys still up for a spot include: Lendy Castillo, Manny Corpas, Frankie De La Rosa, Shawn Camp and Casey Coleman.

Welington Castillo appears to have an ever so slight advantage over Steve Clevenger at backup catcher.

The bench figures to consist of Joe Mather, Jeff Baker, Reed Johnson and Blake DeWitt, although switch-hitter Alfredo Amezaga isn’t completely out of consideration, especially since he can play shortstop.