Wells on demotion: Possible "wake-up call"

The Chicago Cubs made nine cuts on Thursday morning, none more shocking than the optioning of veteran pitcher Randy Wells to minor league camp.

"I'm not going to sit here, lie and be the guy that says he is not disappointed " Wells said. "I am, but it is what it is. It's a point of your career where you have to buckle down. Maybe it is a wake-up call to see it's not that easy to stay here."

Wells has had a star-crossed career with the Cubs that included one break-out season in 2009 when he won 12 games while putting up a 3.05 ERA. The 2011 season began with the pitcher winning back a rotation slot in spring training only to get hurt in his first start and missing the next seven weeks with a right forearm strain.

The plan for the 29-year-old pitcher is to go to Triple-A Iowa and start every five days. Rodrigo Lopez beat out Wells for the long man role out of the bullpen.

"It makes you stronger," Wells said. "You go through these things, and as bad as that feeling in your stomach is, anger or disappointment or whatever it is you have to get past it."

Wells had an excellent spring training but was never really in consideration for a starting job, especially after Jeff Samardzjia and Chris Volstad had solid outings all spring. Wells will sit back and watch the wavier wires to see if any of the other 29 teams will trade for him.

"I don't know (about trades) that has not been presented to me " said the Cub pitcher " I can ‘t really talk about that ,right now have to go to Iowa and get on a role and see what happens"

The Cubs are in looking for left hand pitching in the bullpen . Wells and teammate Marlon Byrd could be moved to fortify this one weak area of the team.Wells has a lifetime major league record of 27-30 with a 4.01 ERA.