Chat wrap: Bruce Levine on Cubs and Sox

Bruce Levine
Welcome to the chat! Ready to talk about both the hottest and coldest teams in baseball.

Grant B. (Burnsville, MN)
Hey Bruce, how much longer are the Cubs giving Soto to get his bat figured out? I assume he's on the block right now? He must have some serious intangibles behind the plate to be keeping Clevenger on the bench and Castillo at AAA!

Bruce Levine
You have to be careful when you trade a catcher. The unknown is whether Clevenger and Castillo can catch in the bigs everyday. Calling a game and endurance are a huge part of what a major league catcher is all about, not just results on offense. Teams would be interested in Soto, but like with any commodity, you try not to sell at the bottom.

Kevin Ryan (West Lafayette)
Do you think the Sox should send Gordon Beckham to the minors for a month or two, maybe just to let him find his groove? He has great potential and can be a great asset to this team.

Bruce Levine
Potential in his 4th year is something that people question at this point. What you see is what you might be getting -- a top quality defender and a .250-.260 hitter.

Dave (Northside)
With the Cubs picking up so much of Marlon Byrd's salary, is the ptbnl from the Red Sox going to be anyone special?

Bruce Levine
It's going to be a pitcher, most likely a left-hander that the Cubs have to choose from a list of players that they were given by the Red Sox. Now the Cubs are scouting those players to determine which one they want.

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