Piniella defends pride

Chicago Cubs manager Lou Piniella was livid when he learned a Sun-Times article questioned his commitment to doing his job as manager this season.

"I've been in it from the first day I've been here to the last day I leave here," Piniella said before Tuesday's game. "I take pride in the team winning and playing well to please our fan base, which to me, is the best in baseball. We work extremely hard as a staff, and if you want to stick around 'til 1-1:30 a.m., 'til the parking lot is closed, because we're having meetings as to how we can get our team better, you'll see we are very interested and take a lot of pride in what we do."

An incensed manager was asked if he really took exception to the story.

"I take exception to that, I really do," Piniella said. "I can take criticism, because in this business you have to be able to take criticism and have a thick skin. At the same time, you should be at least correct in your assumption."

A Sun-Times columnist wrote the column questioning whether Piniella or general manager Jim Hendry should be retained in 2010 and also said Piniella looked disinterested in managing during the season.