Campana a fan of potential rule change

MILWAUKEE -- Tony Campana was quick to pick up on the news that Major League Baseball is considering doing away with a particular pickoff move.

While many people basically yawned over the idea that the fake-to-third, throw-to-first pickoff move could be considered a balk as early as next season, Campana grinned from ear to ear when talking about it Friday.

“That would be awesome,” Campana said, debunking the theory held by many that the move is useless. “Any way that gives a base runner an advantage is good for us. That’s a move that you always have to watch out for, and I have been caught with it before. It’s just one less thing you have to worry about when you’re on the bases and that always helps.”

Campana deduced that he would gain about a half step if the move was outlawed during first-and-third situations. He would then be able to break for second base on a steal attempt with the pitcher’s first move instead of waiting to see if that move was a step toward third.

So what could that potentially translate to in additional stolen bases per season?

“It depends on how many times you get in that situation,” he said. “It could be five more [steals] per year, it could be 10 more, it could be two more.”

Whatever the number is, Campana’s point is that the base stealer won’t be hurt by such a rule change.

“If that’s something you don’t have to think about anymore you can get a lot better jump when there’s a guy on third base,” Campana said. “Anything that gives you the extra step would help.”