Cubs pick Almora talking about college

The Chicago Cubs' first draft pick was happy to be chosen by the legendary franchise, but seemed focused on attending college rather than signing a professional contract.

18-year-old outfielder Albert Almora of South Florida (Mater Academy in Hialeah Gardens), who is being advised by legendary agent Scott Boras, sounded like a Boras player when he was asked if it would be for the Cubs to sign him.

“My main priority right now is college,” said Almora, who has a full baseball scholarship to the University of Miami. “That’s what I am looking forward to right now. What kid doesn’t want to play Major League Baseball and when the time is right that will happen. Right now, my main priority is the University of Miami.”

You could almost see the script that his advisor might have written for him when he answered the signability question that way. The Cubs will have until July 13 to sign Almora. After that date players drafted must wait until next June’s draft to sign again. The slotted amount for the Cubs’ No. 1 choice is $4.7 million. That means the team can go that high to sign their top choice, but certainly can offer less.

Almora does have a perspective on the team that drafted him, it is in fact same team that Boras played for in the minor leagues.

“The one thing that stands out about [the Cubs] -- the fans are great people and they are real baseball fans.”

The young outfielder has been compared to the Orioles’ Adam Jones as far as his skill set at a similar age.