New teams may be in play for Bradley

The Chicago Cubs may be on the verge of cutting a deal that would move Milton Bradley as soon as Tuesday.

According to sources, others teams besides the usual suspects (Tampa bay Rays, New York Mets, Texas Rangers and Los Angeles Angels) have been brought into the Bradley discussions over the past 24 hours. Trading Bradley is a multi-faceted situation. Any team that is going to trade for him is going to want to talk to Bradley and his agent about the acceptability of a new home for the veteran outfielder.

It is assumed that the Cubs will get back a contract in the trade that they may have to move as well. But if the Cubs are able to pull off a deal at this point, it would open up some other areas for Cubs general manager Jim Hendry to add some depth.

Hendry talked to the Colorado Rockies recently about some of their outfield depth. It is unknown exactly whom the Rockies would be willing to trade.

The Padres will trade closer Heath Bell, but the Cubs may not have the young prospects the Padres would want for their all-star closer. It is known however that the Cubs are looking to add a veteran pitcher to their bullpen.