Source: Cubs fire traveling secretary Bank

The Chicago Cubs continue to juggle their front office, releasing long time traveling secretary Jimmy Bank, according to major league source.

Bank held the position with the Cubs for 20 years, and he held the same position with the Milwaukee Brewers from 1983 through '92. Bank began his career in Major League Baseball with the Oakland A's as their traveling secretary from 1973-76.

Since president of baseball operations Theo Epstein was hired on October 21, 2012, the Cubs have beefed up their core of front office employees, while making numerous changes in job descriptions.

Director of baseball operations Scott Nelson's position was eliminated at the end of the season. Nelson was offered a job as a manager of the team's baseball complex in Mesa, Ari. Manager of baseball information Chuck Wasserstrom was fired in September after 27 years in the organization.

VP of player personnel Oneri Fleita was also relieved of his duties after 16 years with the team. Most recently the cubs promoted Shiraz Rehman to assistant GM after serving one season as assistant to GM Jed Hoyer.