Joe Maddon talks with Joe Torre about Wednesday ejection

MILWAUKEE – Chicago Cubs manager Joe Maddon avoided a fine –– at least as of Friday -- for his comments about umpiring after being ejected from Wednesday’s 6-5 victory over the St. Louis Cardinals. Instead, Maddon had a “nice conversation” with Chief Baseball Officer Joe Torre from the league office.

“We talked about things and came to an agreement and that was it. As of right now I’m not [penalized]. After this conversation, maybe I will be,” Maddon joked Friday before the Cubs played the Milwaukee Brewers.

Maddon was upset about some of the balls-and-strikes calls his young players were getting from home plate umpire D.J. Reyburn.

“It was egregiously bad,” Maddon said Wednesday after the game. “You cannot permit that to happen. We’re trying to ascend and we’re not going to take that from anybody, anywhere at any time.

“I’m not going to put up with anything. I’m not. And I’m not going to allow our guys to get shortchanged based on the fact they have haven’t been here a long time.”

The Cubs' rookies that night -- Kris Bryant, Jorge Soler and Addison Russell -- struck out a combined six times, which led to Maddon's argument and subsequent ejection, his second as Cubs manager. He was asked Friday if Torre told him to be careful of his comments about umpires.

“He would never tell me that,” Maddon said. “We just talked about that particular game and what went on. And of course, my comments postgame were discussed. Joe [Torre] isn’t one to tell you to do this or not do that.”

Reyburn’s strike zone was questionable, though starting pitcher Jon Lester said he thought it was fair while he was on the mound. Maddon was also asked if the league actually agreed with the manager’s assessment of Reyburn’s calls.

“They rarely do,” Maddon quipped. “It was very quick, to the point. I understood it.”