Cubs won't hold watch party for wild card game

CINCINNATI -- On second thought the Chicago Cubs won't be holding a viewing party at Wrigley Field next Wednesday if the team plays on the road for the National League wild card game.

"We explored the idea of hosting a NL Wild Card viewing party for fans at Wrigley Field, in the event we play on the road," Cubs spokesman Julian Green said in a statement on Wednesday. "After much consideration regarding the logistics and time required to successfully execute an exceptional guest experience while actively preparing for potential postseason play at home, we have decided to put this plan on hold. Given the excitement we have seen from Cubs fans this season, we know our fans will find a great place to watch the game and cheer on our team."

On Monday owner Tom Ricketts said the team was "kicking around the idea" of opening Wrigley Field for fans to watch the game on the video scoreboards. The Cubs had permission from the league, according to a source, but decided against it. The Cubs are likely to play the game in Pittsburgh next Wednesday, Oct. 7.