Front-office future for Moises Alou?

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic -- He has status as a player and a general manager that approaches legendary in the Dominican Republic, and he is drawing attention from teams in the U.S. that are interested in his developing skills as an executive. Most baseball men in his position might be envisioning an opportunity with a front office in Major League Baseball right about now.

But Moises Alou isn't most baseball men. Right about now, in fact, Alou simply wants to enjoy the finer things in life -- the things he missed over the past 25 years of a career in the game.

Alou, who has won three national titles in the Dominican Republic and two Caribbean Series crowns in his first four seasons as the GM of winter ball team Leones del Escogido, just added another golden page to his short but brilliant résumé as an executive when he served as the general manager of the Dominican Republic team that won the World Baseball Classic in March. That's after a highly successful 17-year career as a player in the majors and a lifetime in one of the first families of baseball.

The logical next step, though -- back into MLB as a team exec -- is not in Alou's plans. At least, not now.

"I don't want to become a GM or work full time with a major league's team office," Alou said in an interview with ESPNdeportes.com. "I want to be relaxed at home, go fishing, hunting. Just enjoy. ... I played 18 years in the big leagues, plus four more in the minors. Then add another two in college; that's 24 years away from my country. I love my country, want to enjoy it. Love hunting, fishing, horse-track racing. And I haven't had the time to enjoy these activities.

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