Coaches rountable: Which rule to change

Each week we’ll be presenting a unique question to all of the coaches in ESPNChicago.com’s top 20 poll. It’s a new feature we’re calling Coaches Roundtable.

This week’s question: What one IHSA rule would you like changed?

Loyola’s John Holecek: The first three practice days of fall camp being non-padded; it’s completely without merit because summer practices can be whatever a coach chooses. It should be changed to no contact all summer when there are less medical personnel and incomplete supervision at schools.

Batavia’s Dennis Piron: The kids on the team said "touchdown celebrations"! I think that the rules are fine the way they are.

Geneva’s Rob Wicinski: Offensive pass interference – why is this a bigger ‘punch in the gut’ than a personal foul? Fifteen-yard penalty and loss of down and enforced at the line of scrimmage? C’mon.

Crystal Lake South’s Chuck Ahsmann: I would like to see the IHSA do a true seed for the state series. I do not like that we seem to play the same teams from our regular season in the playoffs because of proximity.

Glenbard West’s Chad Hetlet: Playoff seeding should be 1-32 regardless of travel to be fair to those that earn high seeds.

Crete-Monee’s Jerry Verde: The seeding of the playoffs. Just seed 1-32, no North and South and no quadrants. The current system penalizes the Chicagoland area.

Maine South’s David Inserra: Onside kicks. We put all 10 guys on one side of the ball and ‘get 'em’ because it is legal. I proposed several years back that we should adapt the pro or college rule of only five guys on one side for safety reasons.

Lemont’s Eric Michaelsen: I am okay with the IHSA. Maybe having to go three days in August with no pads after the 25 days in the summer.

Bolingbrook’s John Ivlow: Playoff system. I would like to see a seeding system.

St. Rita’s Todd Kuska: The IHSA needs to abolish the regional quadrants. The playoffs should be seeded like they were in the old days -- based on wins and not geography. Some of the best experiences in the playoffs comes from playing teams that you have never played before -- getting on the road and traveling is a great experience. We are depriving our student-athletes of this experience. As a coach, I also enjoyed scouting teams from all across the state and matching up with teams that we had never played before.

Lake Zurich’s Bryan Stortz: I would like to see the playoffs seeded 1-32 and not by region or traveling distance. The reason would be that you may have the true No. 1 and No. 2 seeds in the same quadrant.

Prairie Ridge’s Chris Schremp: I wish the IHSA would have more control over club and travel sports. I would like to see more kids playing two and three sports. I feel too many club and travel coaches are influencing kids into specializing in one sport.