Bulls' woes on defense the real surprise

CHICAGO -- Not exactly jolly on his best days, you won't be surprised to learn Chicago Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau isn't one for being second-guessed after a soul-sucking playoff loss.

Preseason or postseason, his decisions might as well be carved in stone tablets, carried down from his Berto Center office for future generations to behold.

"Thou shalt not speaketh ill of my rotations. More than enough to win with-eth."

So, after a 101-99 loss to Washington that put the Bulls in a 2-0 playoff series deficit, a reporter asked him a perfectly logical question about fiddling with his rock-solid rotations after two woeful ends to two miserable losses. Thibodeau responded icily, "We look at everything."

Seconds of silence followed before he muttered, quite loudly, "Unreal."

Unreal is the wrong word. What looked like an unreal season could be coming to a very real end.

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