Clark the Cub opens home to adoring fans

CHICAGO -- The clubhouse was hopping Friday afternoon.

Not the Cubs' one, mind you. I don't have that kind of access. I'm talking about Clark's Clubhouse, the home of Chicago's newest mascot sensation.

Ridiculed on Twitter and parodied on Deadspin, Clark made his big league debut Friday.

A line of parents and children waited for a picture with Clark before the fifth inning. It was a safe refuge in bitterly cold Wrigley Field.

"Is it warm in here?" one dad asked the clubhouse greeter.

The clubhouse is located away from the heavily-trafficked concourse. Go up the ramp near the third-base side, take a left at the ice cream stand and walk up another ramp and there you are.

I have to admit, the clubhouse, carved out of some old office space, is pretty cool. It's made up like a clubhouse with retro Cubs posters, beanbags, and faux-wood paneling. Plus, plenty of Clark Crap to buy. Clark clocks, Clark onesies, Clark stickers, Clark magnets.

There is plenty of other merchandise for kids, too. If you want to buy your kid some Cubs stuff at the game, it's a one-stop shop.

And as the Cubs defensively stated in the initial press release, he won't be capering on the field. So it's the only place you'll be able to find him at the park.

While I don't believe that a mascot will create new young fans, it is a nice place to take your kids. Especially when it's freezing.