Soriano merits Jeter-like hoopla at Wrigley

Derek Jeter will get the attention Tuesday at Wrigley, but Alfonso Soriano is deserving of some hoopla as well. Rich Schultz/Getty Images

CHICAGO -- Derek Jeter is making his last-ever working trip to Chicago, a supersized week of games against the Cubs and the White Sox, starting Tuesday at Wrigley Field.

Jeter is a Yankees legend, a future Hall of Famer and the envy of men everywhere.

But does anyone in Chicago care about a pseudo-farewell tour of a past-his-prime winner? Aside from a bored baseball media, that is.

We've got our own problems here, mostly that no one wants to watch the Cubs and Jose Abreu's ankle hurts.

I was amused from afar when the Cubs went to the Bronx earlier this season and Jeter was asked about the Cubs' struggles and their rebuilding plan. As if Jeter has ever had a stray thought about either team. I do assume that Jeter, a single man of means, has enjoyed his annual trips to Chicago over the past two decades. Ask him about our clubs and restaurants, and he'll probably have a conversation for you.

While Jeter gets respect wherever he plays -- unless you're into defensive metrics -- I'd rather see some hoopla for Alfonso Soriano's return to Chicago.

All Soriano did was lead the Cubs to back-to-back division titles. That's akin to a World Series dynasty given the lesser standards at Clark and Addison.

But the Cubs will celebrate Jeter, practically a stranger, on Tuesday, not Soriano. Ah well, as Don Draper once said, "That's what the money is for!" The Cubs are still paying the bulk of Soriano's deal this season.

Like most teams, both Chicago clubs jacked up ticket prices for the Yankees series and ticket holders are trying to sell those tickets for inflated prices on the secondary market.

Given the quality of the Cubs and the typical disinterest on the South Side, it's a good time to make some money back for the weary season-ticket holders.

According to SeatGeek, the secondary ticket market website, the average listing price of a resale ticket for one of the four games on the South Side is $71. That's almost triple the team's average ticket price ($26.05), but it's still the cheapest American League option for the Jeter farewell tour so far.

It shouldn't be a surprise that Wrigley Field, home of high prices and low expectations, has the fourth-most expensive series ticket of Jeter's final season at an average of $111. But given the Yankees play only two games at Wrigley, with erstwhile Cubs free-agent target Masahiro Tanaka starting Tuesday, I'm guessing Jeter's farewell isn't the only factor. For example: I'm going Tuesday just to see Tanaka.

Thus far, this is the most expensive Cubs series on the secondary market, according to SeatGeek. The Cubs-Sox two-game series average listing price at Wrigley was only $57.

Cheap tickets are still available for all six games. As of Monday night, you could get upper-deck seats as cheap as $26 for Tuesday's game and $15 for Wednesday.

At the Cell, where the Sox have the second-worst attendance in baseball, tickets are as cheap as $7. And if you're not keen on navigating the secondary market, both teams will still be selling tickets at face value.

Welcome to Jeet Week, Chicago. Drink it in.