Sibling rivalry was fun, winning was better

Kurt Busch celebrates Saturday, and he'd like to celebrate a Bears' win Monday. Kevin Hoffman/US Presswire

This past weekend's NASCAR Nationwide Series and NASCAR Sprint Cup Series races were at Watkins Glen International in upstate New York. It was one of those perfect kinds of weekends for me and the Nationwide Series. I hadn't driven in a Nationwide Series race in over four years so when my teammate Brad Keselowski came to me earlier in the week to ask if I would drive his car for him I was excited. The No. 22 Dodge is a championship car, and it was opportunity that I just couldn't pass up. The Nationwide Series cars have a lot of power and down force so you can really get aggressive with your driving. Between me and my little brother [Kyle Busch], we led a lot of laps. It was fun racing against Kyle and going back and forth, and it was of course fun to come out on top and win the race.

I was really excited and amped up for Sunday's NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race. We had the car that I won with in Sonoma so I was feeling really good. There was rain in the forecast for that day so we were anticipating a delay and that's just what happened. Mother Nature isn't something you can control so you just have to go with it. When it comes to weather delays it's hard because you try to find things to do to pass the time and not focus too much on the race car, but at the same time you're trying to maintain your focus.

The rain kept coming down so eventually the race got bumped to Monday. It was one of those disastrous situations for us -- just one of those days that didn't start right. We had a rear break issue, and the only thing I could do is use the front break. By using the front breaks too much the front tries started heating up and I below out a front tire on Lap 49. That quickly ended the race for me and now it's time to focus on this weekend's race at Michigan International Speedway (MIS).

This is one of the last weekends of summer, and I'm looking forward to heading to MIS. The track has an old American feeling and you always see a lot of family and kids at the race which is great.

In the midst of zig zagging across the country racing, I've been keeping up with the Cubs (it's nice to see them win a few) and the Bears. What a great start to the season getting to see the Bear's win because of their strong defense. Heck, it's just good to see football out on the field. I'm actually headed with a buddy of mine to the Bears vs. Giants at Meadowlands coming up this Monday, and I'm hoping to see another win. More importantly, we need the Bears to beat the Packers. Matt Kenseth is a huge Packers fan, and we always have a lot of fun around the Bears vs. Packers games. Last year we were fortunate enough to catch the NFC Championship Game at Soldier Field. It's just too bad Kenseth's team walked away the victor. We'll get em' this year!