Sports unpredictability resurfaces

After a disappointing weekend in Michigan, Kurt Busch watched his Bears lose in New Jersey. Warren Wimmer/Icon SMI

Motorsports are always unpredictable. One week you have the best car on the track, they next week you're running 30th.

Sunday, at Michigan, we qualified 13th and before you could snap your fingers, we were running third.

The car was great early in the race, but as the day progressed I lost the handle on it. The car suddenly got very, very loose so getting into corners was hard. I even rubbed the fence a couple times.

On one of the later restarts on Sunday, I started 22nd and moved past ten cars in one lap and was hanging onto 12th with a few laps to go. My right front tire finally gave out from some of the damage my car sustained earlier. I went from 12th to 34th in just four laps -- there is nothing much more devastating than that. We lost our nice point cushion we worked so hard to build all year long so we're going to have to make sure we don't do anything stupid in the next few weeks to make certain we ensure our Chase spot at Chicagoland Speedway.

Wednesday of this week I spent the day in Detroit serving as the Honorary Chairman of the 2011 Motorsports Hall of Fame. I am the youngest Honorary Chairman in the Motorsports Hall of Fame history which is a distinct honor and privilege. It was a wonderful invite from Ron Watson (president of Motorsport HOF). This year's inductees included Ed Winfield, Augie Pabst, Bruce Penhall and Sid Collins.

I read about the exciting news Chicagoland Speedway released last week announcing Fast Five as their NASCAR Camping World Truck Series title sponsor -- the Fast Five 225. I have not seen the movie yet, but what other franchise would be better than them? Fast Five also has heavy involvement with Dodge -- both of which truly know what fast cars are all about.

On a different note, I got the opportunity to go to New York Monday night to support the Chicago Bears. It was exciting to go to the new stadium and watch my home team take the field. It was a little rough but hey, it's preseason and I'm sure they know what to work on. You can never expect wins in the preseason. I'm looking forward to watching the Bears build upon 2010 and take it all the way this year!

The Chicago Cubs have had an interesting week. I've been trying to keep up as much as I can with what's been going on regarding management changes. Jim Hendry took us down a good road. Sometimes decisions were made that didn't pan out exactly like he had hoped -- but that goes for everyone and every sport. For somebody like the Ricketts to make that change shows they are very committed to the Chicago Cubs and connected in the baseball world overall. I'm sure they will find the right fit within the team to bring a World Series to the North side. After all, at the end of the day, that's the ultimate goal -- in every sport!