Santos has yet to watch "The Club"

SEATTLE-- Despite having one of the more emotional moments in Sunday’s debut of the White Sox-based reality show “The Club,” relief pitcher Sergio Santos said he has yet to watch the program.

In one scene during spring training, general manager Ken Williams tells Santos he has made the major-league team and he struggles to fight back tears. In an attempt to lighten the mood, manager Ozzie Guillen interjects: “Just don’t make me cry in June.”

Santos said he got a call from his mother Sunday night after the show aired and, while crying, she told him how proud she was. It was like re-living his call up to the major leagues all over again.

The White Sox’s rookie right-hander, who first started pitching just last season, said he has come full circle on such an emotional moment airing for all of the world to see.

“At first I was kind of, not upset, but I really didn’t want all these cameras running around when I was breaking the news to my wife and breaking the news to my parents and everything,” Santos said. “Then I thought back and said, ‘Man, I’ll always have this in video.’ One of the greatest moments of my life is captured on video and then I didn’t mind it.”

“The Club” airs each Sunday night for the next five weeks on the MLB Network. For a six-minute synopsis of the debut show that aired this past Sunday, click here.