Viciedo growing confident in left field

CHICAGO -- The frustration has seemed to pass for Dayan Viciedo. Playing a new position isn’t entirely new anymore. While he’s no grizzled vet in left field, Viciedo has been there for 41 of the 43 games he’s played in this season. It’s been enough time to gain some familiarity with his new post. And that frustration has been replaced by confidence.

“He’s very comfortable in left and he’s made big strides getting to balls, routes and throwing the ball,” manager Robin Ventura said on Sunday. “I think that in turn made him more comfortable at the plate and now it’s a confidence thing. You can tell when he’s in here ready to go out, he has a plan and feels like he can get a hit.”

The hitting has come as of late for the 23-year-old Cuban. Saturday marked the third straight game he hit a home run, a career first for him. On Sunday Viciedo got a hit in his fourth straight game with a single to left and later an RBI single as the first batter to hit against reliever Joe Smith in the eighth. Viciedo is hitting 21-for-51 with seven homers, 19 RBIs and 11 runs in the last 13 games. And while the home runs have been nice, they’ve just been a product of his approach and not a concerted effort.

“It's more so just more excited to go to the plate to hit,” Viciedo said Saturday night. “When I go up there I don't really look to hit a home run. What I do more so just look to make great contact. That's the most important thing.”

Added Paul Konerko: “Tank is coming into his own and showing what he can do. He’s going to be a monster. He is a monster.”