Sox's message loud and clear

CHICAGO -- If the Chicago White Sox thought that all their hot button distractions had migrated south to Florida, well, they had to cinch it up and hunker down this week after the ol’ Hawkaroo put a classic “You gotta be bleeping me” umpire rant on the board.


So, of course, that’s what we were all talking about the last two days, Hawk's red-faced verbal hurricane against some umpire. Some Sox fans would say it was the best rant they ever saw.

Hawk (real name Ken Harrelson, but only Yaz and Luis Tiant call him that) was his own pick to click when he tore into umpire Mark Wegner on Wednesday at Tropicana Field, driving Internet traffic and fostering debate on his standing as an announcer. Sports blogs, radio shows and fans of Hawk’s folksy brand of insanity loved the outburst, which I’ve heard about 250 times by now.

Bud Selig, Jerry Reinsdorf and the umpires, not so much. But while Hawk drove the discussion the last two days, it's the White Sox who worthy of our attention.

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