Williams always thinking of next move

Don’t count out Kenny Williams when it comes to making another trade or adding to his first-place team with a waiver-wire deal or two at or after the July 31 trading deadline.

The always aggressive Chicago White Sox general manager never seems totally happy with his teams even when they are at the top of their division.

“I always have tried to do this job under the premise that there is always one more move to make,” Williams said.

The White Sox added third baseman Kevin Youkilis in a trade on June 24 when it was assumed that they had little or no money to spend. The team’s main concern now is to not change the atmosphere by adding too many players to a group that is getting the job done on the field.

“Some of those decisions are made for you,” Williams said. “You can’t go out and get a John Danks or reasonably replace Phil Humber in the next couple of weeks. Those deals just are not out there unless you are willing to sacrifice what you worked so hard to build up in your minor leagues. We just don’t have the luxury to do that.”

Look for the Sox to try and add a veteran bullpen pitcher or two without giving up top pitching prospects in the lower minor leagues.

“We have talked about it,” Williams said. “But we have the fortunate history of winning a World Series by putting a couple of rookies in the same stressful situations just a couple of years ago as well. I am not [just] talking about 2005, but 2008 as well.”