Element of surprise gone for Sox

CHICAGO -- Back in 1930, the first daytime radio soap opera, "Painted Dreams", aired in Chicago. Eighty-one years later, the city was treated to an even juicier baseball reality show on the South Side of Chicago.

"The Kenny and Ozzie Show" was canceled last fall and in its place, "Leave it to Robin" has debuted if not to boffo ratings, then at least to some measure of critical acclaim.

When examining the early success of Robin Ventura's White Sox, it's easy, and not altogether wrong, to dramatize the end of the Ozzie Guillen/Kenny Williams feud as a reason for a first-place first half, or to attribute the success to their new manager and his quieter, no-drama clubhouse culture.

But winning baseball, like most things in life, isn't scripted. It's organic. Does a good environment beget winning, or is the other way around? It's a good question, but one that the Sox players have no interest in deciphering.

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