Sale enjoyed his 'Letterman' appearance

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- White Sox pitcher Chris Sale has enjoyed his first All-Star experience and one of the highlights came on Monday when he appeared with other All-Stars for the Top 10 List segment on "The Late Show with David Letterman."

Sale was No. 8 on the Top 10 List, "Fun facts about the All-Star Game."

"After the home run derby there's now a weak grounder to third derby," Sale said.

Sale said Tuesday he heard from plenty of family and friends after the appearance.

"Yeah, it was certainly a very cool experience to be on with Letterman," he said. "I was a little nervous for sure but it was one of the more fun things that I've ever done. I also heard from a lot of people and got some (grief) from them. It was a cool thing for that to have happen."

ESPNChicago.com's Bruce Levine contributed to this report.