Paul Konerko: Change was for best

Chicago White Sox first baseman Paul Konerko said Tuesday he believed Ozzie Guillen's departure and Robin Ventura's arrival to the team was best for everyone involved.

Guillen, a former White Sox's player, left the White Sox after eight years with the team following a tumultuous 2011 season. He's now managing the Miami Marlins. Ventura, also a former White Sox's player, was hired to replace Guillen.

"I think Ozzie would even say what was going on last year with the distractions and all that wasn't what he wanted either," Konerko said on "The Carmen, Jurko & Harry Show" on ESPN 1000. "I think he knows what's up and how to do it the right way. You just let some things get away from you.

"I think it's kind of worked out best for everybody. I know he's happy where he's at. It's just tough when the guy managing the team played there and has such a history. Everybody is intertwined with everything. ... It is what it is. I think everybody agreed and him as well that it was at the end point. That's where it was and here we are now."

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