Peavy just happy to be on All-Star bench

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Although Chicago White Sox pitcher Jake Peavy was happy to make the All-Star team, he is hoping to get passed up in manager Ron Washington’s rotation.

“I would love to get the rest and be ready to pitch Saturday night. So I will be the extra-inning emergency guy,” Peavy said. “I hope we get a big lead and [I] stay out of the game if I could. But if I have to pitch I’d be glad to do that.”

Peavy arrived in Kansas City late on Monday night after taking care of some previous commitments.

“I had to get to Denver so I couldn’t stay around and I’m sorry I didn’t see you guys [earlier],” Peavy said. “I am now ready to take this all in.”

The veteran Sox starter is shocked to be back among the elite after almost being forced to retire due to injuries over the past two seasons.

“It is cool to have been a National League All Star [with the Padres] and now a first-time American League All-Star,” Peavy said.

“I never thought I would be talking to you here a year ago, trying to make it back all the way from surgery. But at the same time the doctors told me [in] 18 months I will be as good as I am going to get. They were right and I do feel healthy and blessed. I am looking forward to the second half.”

Peavy (7-5) has more quality starts than any pitcher in baseball this year. His team holds a three-game lead in the AL Central and Peavy doesn’t see a reason why they can’t keep their spot.

“We are going to grind it out, I can tell you that,” Peavy said. “Win, lose or draw, with the ball club we have and the leadership we have from the coaching staff, why not?”