Sox have a plan in place for Sale

When Chicago White Sox pitcher Chris Sale was 9 years old, his uncle took him to Tropicana Field for the first game in Tampa Bay Devil Rays history. Sale saved the ticket stub as a birthday souvenir and came home with a mustard glob on his pinstriped Rays polo shirt after an unfortunate encounter with a ballpark hot dog.

The evening combined two of Sale's lifelong passions -- baseball and eating. At 6-foot-6 and 170-something pounds, he's a cross between Randy Johnson and Joey Chestnut.

"The guy crushes food," said teammate Adam Dunn. "He eats more than anybody in the world, and he gets so excited when he gains two pounds. All I have to do is think about eating and I gain four pounds. Me and CC Sabathia are fat dudes who are trying to be skinny. Sale is a skinny dude who's trying to get fat."

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