Another deal wouldn't surprise Konerko

Chicago White Sox captain Paul Konerko is a firm believer that if general manager Kenny Williams can find a quality starting pitcher he will do what it takes to acquire that player for the stretch run.

On Monday Williams said that he would do his best to get a starter only if he can handle both the big stage of Chicago and the pressure of the American League.

“Kenny has pretty much proven that he isn’t afraid to make a deal,” Konerko said. “He certainly doesn’t have to prove it to us. He already made two additions this season [Kevin Youkilis and Brett Myers] that were pretty bold. So you always hear guys on other teams this time of the year tell management through the media [that] we need to get something now. That has never been an issue here because Kenny always comes out with guns blazing and makes deals.

The White Sox will monitor the top pitchers like Zack Greinke, Cole Hamels and Matt Garza as the trading deadline rapidly approaches on July 31 at 3.p.m. CST.

“Usually Kenny says we aren’t doing anything or we can’t do it and the next thing you know he makes a huge trade or pickup,” Konerko said. “For me the trading deadline is fun. Ever since I got a no-trade clause the trading deadline became a lot of fun.”